Music Program Coordinator – Sheridan FPC, Sheridan, OR – 2013 – 2016
Taught introductory, intermediate and advanced guitar classes to incarcerated adults. Conducted classes in music theory and the business of concert promotion. Created curriculum for classes. Handled scheduling and conflict resolution for a shared rehearsal space. Maintained the institution’s collection of instruments and sound equipment. Booked, planned and presented numerous live shows for the institution’s residents.

Guitar Teacher – LaTuna FCI, Anthony, TX – 2010 – 2013
Instructed incarcerated adults in the art of guitar playing. Taught six classes per week to groups of students of varying skill level. Followed lesson plans created by other instructors. Took roll call and graded tests. Kept records of students performance and issued certificates to those who could complete minimum standards.



Bud Weather , Seattle, WA – 2018 – Present 
Solo singer-songwriter currently performing folkadelic con-fusion in local and regional venues.

Goodtime Hustle , Sheridan, OR – 2013 – 2016 – Seattle, WA – 2018 – Present
Played lead guitar, sang lead and composed music for a four-piece far-alt-country jam band. Arranged songs, created set-lists and taught parts to the other players. Winner of the 2016 Sheridan FPC Battle of the Bands. Worldwide distributed album “Goodtime Hustle” released March 18th, 2022. Currently touring the Pacific Northwest.

Bad Habits , Sheridan, OR – 2013 – 2016
Played guitar, sang harmonies and occasional lead in an alt-country act which played a mix of original and cover material. Wrote songs, created set-lists and taught parts to the other players.


● Bad Sneakers (Steely Dan Tribute) 2013-2016
● Band Down (Cover Band) 2015-2016
● Oh Tu Tu (Reggae) 2013-2015
● The Mixed Keys (Blues and R&B) 2014-2015
● 808 (Pop) 2013-2015
● Sheridan FPC Worship Band 2016
● Sheridan FPC Holiday Pickup Band 2015
● LaTuna FCI Worship Band 2011-2013
● Out of Bounds (Punk Rock) 2011
● Crossroads (Classic Rock and Blues) 1993-1995
● Allegro (Wedding Band) 1994-1995
● Decadence (Rock) 1991-1993
● Manitowoc Men’s Choir 1993-1995
●Crescendo (Vocal Jazz) 1993-1995
● Manitowoc Lincoln High School Chamber Choir 1992-1995

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