Web Design Portfolio

WordPress Based Sites

For basic website stuff that other people are likely to have to maintain I use WordPress. A third of the world’s websites use WordPress. It’s easy for others to learn how to use once I set it up.

Goodtime Hustle – Folkadelic Con-Fusion

My band website is a good example of a simple WordPress site built to showcase music. It has all of the basic things implemented. It also has a grip of features that are deployed but not being utilized. I had originally envisioned other band members helping me with the website but that was a pipe dream. If you’re interested in combining website design with event promotion you can message me for a look at how the back end is set up as it’s probably my portfolio’s most extreme example of a group managed event site.

Checkered Hat – Creating Peak Experiences

Checkered Hat is on the other end of the spectrum of complications. It’s simple, looks good on all screens and ranks really well in search. Checkered Hat also has another component listed in the non-WordPress section.

EZ Direct – Online Store

I built a dropshipping store using WordPress, Woo-commerce, and Shopmaster. It’s completely automatic, sorta… If I had time to actually play with product descriptions and promote it, the site would actually be completely functional. It’s got sort of a home depot warehouse kind of feel.

Source Passive – Passive Income, Ideas, Streams and Strategies

Source Passive is also built on WordPress. The site is more marketing-focused than the other sites. The site is smooth and pretty but keyword ranking and marketing tools are the focus. If you play with it you’ll be prompted to get notifications and join a mailing list. The lists and notifications are automated to promote whatever gets posted.

Sleeping Stagehands: Making the Most of Standby

Sleeping Stagehands is the most feature-rich of the WordPress sites I’ve built. It’s Yelp, Facebook, Reddit, and a dozen other sites rolled in one and oriented towards stagehands. It has a few users and a few articles. It also has a store that resells stuff off the first store. 

James Schweda – Personal Website

My personal site runs on WordPress as well. It’s a simple portfolio with Google Calendar integration. It’s ugly on purpose, I want you to work for it


I have a couple more WordPress sites but I’ll save those for the bottom of the list. Just in case you have a tendency to get distracted. 

Sites without WordPress as a CMS

When I don’t rely on WordPress I will usually use a combination of a CSS framework, some graphic design, a bit of javascript, and some html5 to create a user interface for whatever backend I write in PHP. I also recently learned Python which I could use for a back end if we needed to do anything really bizarre.

Checkered Hat Live – live.checkeredhat.com

Checkered Hat Live is a live-streaming platform built from the ground up in PHP and javascript. It’s functional now but on the test networks as I work out the last of the important features.

Ad Lotto – Paying Attention

Ad Lotto is the glue in all the cracks. It’s a gamified display ad network that pays Bitcoin to some of the people who see ads. Currently, it’s not connected to the Bitcoin mainnet. If you make an account and create ads, they’ll run. I’m implementing ad zones across my sites and until I switch over to real money I encourage you to run ads until your heart is content. It’s a very utility design but has a very deep functionality. The site is already providing ads to numerous sites listed here and will be fully integrated with Checkered Hat Live soon.

The adult version can be found here https://x.adlot.to

Bitcoin Faucet & Satoshi Rewarder Protection API: Bad Lot

Bad Lot is a security tool designed for the needs of my more risque websites. The site’s target market is the developers of cryptocurrency, porn, and gambling sites. The website you see actually is the default response of the API I built to handle the requests. If you’re paying attention you’ll see how I stagger the image loading to briefly flash the outline of a hacker in the Matrix numbers before covering it up with the Bad Lot image. During the split second between image loads, the site is analyzing your IP in order to display the details about it when you scroll down. All of the other sites listed here (and a few others) rely on Bad Lot for some element of their operations.

Metafaucet – Best Bitcoin Faucets

Metafaucet is a crowdsourced cryptocurrency rotator. It’s a simple way for me to make sure my porn sites don’t run out of payout money between my advertiser payouts. It takes people from one Bitcoin faucet to the next and every time someone collects, I get a commission. The commission automatically funds my faucets.

Live Event Production Rental Price Calculator

This one is a simple front end for a calculator The nontraditional, two-color palette and pretentious choice in fonts provide the basis for how the site feels. If you’re on desktop, try resizing the window and you’ll see how I’ve designed the site to look good at any size.

Get a Bucket of Stage Wash – stagewash.co

Stagewash.co is going to be my equipment company. At the moment it’s nothing but an example of branding based design. Note the simple color palette.

Subversi.co – Alternatives

Subversi.co is my plot to overthrow everything with blockchain technology. Design-wise I was focusing on images, colors, and feel.

Adult Themed Websites

I have built two adult websites that utilize WordPress for a CMS alongside a dizzying array of plugins and custom coding.

Get Paid to Watch Porn – pornfountain.com

The original website that pays you to watch porn. This website is battle-tested and utilizes an array of different tools to lighten the load on the server.  It’s getting enough traffic that it’s still swamping the server it’s currently on during peak loads. The site currently links to over 93,846 videos.

Make Bank When You Wank – pornfaucet.com

Porn Faucet is a slightly different take on the same concept as Porn Fountain. Rather than making design choices on my own this time, I used the hard data collected from Porn Fountain to guide decision-making. The site is only a few months old but already links to over 36,361 videos. 

I’m using Porn Faucet to run an experiment that tests how controversy and divisiveness affect marketing reach. The site itself is built to provide content exactly matched with the most common searches on PornFountain.com. In creating the marketing campaign, a variety of techniques and designs were tested with the goal of creating a campaign that polarized viewers the most.

I find the results to be very interesting. The campaign has been affordable and Pornfaucet now appraises for $114,800.11 USD.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Porn Faucet, or if you’d like me to help you harness the power of thousands of offended Karen’s, drop me a line. We’ll talk…